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      1. Products

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        Floyd presents cost effective boring line


        ​With the recent pandemic forcing more businesses to look at their costs - Floyd Automatic Tooling has now introduced the new cost-effective MicroTurn eLine of boring tools from Ifanger.

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        Yaskawa launches new Motoman-PL robot


        Motion control and robotics specialist Yaskawa continue to develop their Motoman range of robots to meet these demands as illustrated by their newly developed Motoman-PL series.

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        Baumer adds to its range of ultrasonic sensors


        Sensing and instrumentation specialist Baumer has added to its range of high-performance ultrasonic sensors the U300, U500 and UR18 - which represents two product families and offer effective and extremely flexible ...

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        Norelem secures safety with mandrel collets range


        ​Designed to hold workpieces in a precise, locked position - Norelem’s range of mandrel collets offer secure support for engineers when working on turning, milling, polishing, tooth cutting and measurement workpieces.

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        ITC introduces new indexable drilling series


        ​The cutting tool experts at Widia have now extended their TDMX indexable insert drilling line to further boost stability, reliability and performance when undertaking challenging drilling operations.