Traditionally, the firm's applications engineers lead in-person trainings in Esprit offices and also on-site at customer facilities around the world. While application engineers offer some of the best CAM courses in the industry, but everyone who needs software training does not have the resources to travel to an office.

To support customers throughout the pandemic, the company began conducting instructor-led, online training sessions in early 2020. The response it said has been overwhelmingly positive. To further satisfy users’ growing appetite for high-quality online training, it has introduced the Esprit Learning Centre to the general public.

The centre is an online training platform with on-demand, self-paced training courses created specifically for Esprit CAM programmers. Esprit's top engineers and instructors have poured a huge amount of effort and energy into creating these courses.

The first learning paths to be released are “New User Milling,” “New User Turning,” and “New User Mill-Turn.” Each learning path includes five to seven training courses that guide users through several different machine models and part models to introduce different machining processes in Esprit.

The main purpose for creating discrete online learning paths is to replicate what a student can learn from an on-site training class. Users may take the course anywhere, and at any time and customers can learn at their own pace while saving the time and cost associated with traveling. Each learning path also comes with one Esprit student license for each learner, so users can take the courses at home or in their free time, without interrupting their daily programming or production work.

"Esprit Learning Centre gives us the exact learning experience that we’ve been looking for. The courses are very thorough, wasting no time getting to the point. Having all the supplied files and models within the course window makes access quick and convenient.” said Scott Hornbeak, programmer at Cassavant Machining.

“This online training will not only make it easier for existing Esprit users to transition to the new Esprit - it will also help our new programmers rapidly get familiar with Esprit without the need to travel to a training site.”

“Esprit Learning Centre is a game-changer for our customers who want to learn Esprit,” says Yijun Fan, director of product marketing at DP Technology, the makers of Esprit.

“Our end goal is to make high-quality Esprit training courses more accessible to our global customers. We want to share our best practices with users so they can optimize their machine programming to reduce the cycle time, machine setup time, and machine downtime. We want our users’ machines to start running as soon as possible and keep running at the highest efficiency. And that’s always going to be our priority at DP Technology.”

Visit to learn more about the ESPRIT Learning Center.