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      1. Machinery Magazine


        Time is precious. With its blend of technology features, news and new product information – and a complementary website – Machinery keeps its readers up-to-date with production matters.

        Production engineers want to know what technology is available and who is applying it. They also want to know about relevant issues of the day. Machinery covers all the bases, keeping your potential customers engaged, issue after issue.

        You are welcome to contact me with your press releases and content ideas.

        Andrew Allcock MIET - Editor


        If a magazine doesn’t have a current or high quality audit, then your money can be wasted. If the publisher doesn’t know who the title is going to, how can you?

        We know who our readers are.

        To achieve our targeted circulation, we have the following terms of control::

        “Individuals in production engineering and management in UK sites using machine tools or outsourcing machine tool work”ABC Audit terms of control

        Click here to access our full audit

        Click here to download the full Media Pack


        Display Advertising:

        Contact Sales for more information

        x1 x6 x12
        Full Page £2,835 £2,415 £1,995
        Half Page £1,680 £1,470 £1,210
        Quarter Page £1,000 £895 £790

        Products & Services Panel Advertising:

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        £33 per single column cm


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        Based on distribution to full circulation

        Single Sheet 10gms or less (2 sides) £1,890
        Double Sheet 20gms or less (4 sides) £2,625

        Online / Digital Advertising: www.kuaiego.com

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        Banners / Tile Adverts from £840 per month
        Videos, Page Peels and other rich media options from £1,050 per month

        Machinery Buyers Guide

        Enhanced Supplier Record Card £1,000 per annum
        Enhanced Supplier Record Card with Product Spotlight £1,200 per annum

        Ezine (Newsletters)

        Machinery’s fortnightly editorial, news-focussed, email newsletter sent to registered readers.

        Banners £500 per issue
        Button £250 per issue
        Video of the week £600 per issue
        Sponsored News £630 per issue
        Sponsorship opportunities available Contact Sales for more information

        Instructions for electronic files
        All of the following instructions MUST be followed when submitting ads electronically.

        Our preferred digital medium is a high res. PDF. Please follow The Periodicals Press Association (PPA) Pass4Press digital advertising transfer standards. For details please visit their website www.pass4press.com

        All digital artwork must be presented in a manner ready for press. MA Business does not accept responsibility for files that have not been presented correctly, the sole responsibility for file content is down to the file originator.

        Copy date is 10 days prior to publication date. Drop dead latest deadline for urgent circumstances is Tuesday prior to publication - to be used only with agreement from Chloe Jeakins.


        If you have a complicated message that cannot be put across within a branding or product format, then perhaps advertorial pages are a better option.

        Give your brand a platform to talk to your current and potential customers with an opinion or product range led page

        No resources to write it? No problem!

        For an additional £500 we can provide one of our in-house team to write the piece for you to your specifications.

        Advertising options
        If you want something other than on the page advertising we can help.

        Below are just some of the options that we can provide, however if you have something specific in mind then let us know and we will do our best to make it happen.

        Technical specification and rates As each product is different, contact us to talk about your requirements

        Advertising Options

        Contact Us

        Thank you for using the Machinery website.

        Contact us for Sales enquiries or call 01322 221144.

        We welcome your views on what we are doing and how we could improve the service. If you have any comments, suggestions or technical queries, please contact Admin.


        Andrew Allcock MIET
        +44 (0)1322 221144

        Joe Opitz
        Sales Director
        +44 (0)7967 169098


        Jon Benson
        +44 (0)7545 428147

        Chloe Jeakins
        Production Controller
        +44 (0)1322 221144

        Head Office:

        MA Business,
        Hawley Mill,
        Hawley Road,
        DA2 7TJ,
        01322 221144,

        Registered Office: MA Business Ltd (A Mark Allen Group company), St Jude's Church, Dulwich Road, London, SE24 0PB Tel: 020 7738 5454
        email: Enquiries